New Hosting

Maybe you noticed the url being redirected, maybe you didn’t.
It’s intentional as the site is now being self-hosted on a Raspberry Pi 3B+.

The steveody.com url is forwarding to csixx.dyndns.org which is a dynamic dns service that is updated automatically when my local IP address changes. I’ve already noticed the increased speed on the site, and the uptime is my responsibility. So much for shared hosting, bye Jodohost!

Pickle’s Pod Patrol

A new Commodore 64 game is finally released!

Code: CSixx/Mayday!
Gfx & Snd: Saul Cross

Pickle is in a pickle! Rescue all the podlets on each level by pushing them toward home. Avoid the creatures or send them flying with a spitball.

Pickle’s Pod Patrol was released as an entry in the C64 16KB Cartridge Game Development Competition. Check out all the great releases at www.rgcd.co.uk.

Download Pickle’s Pod Patrol here:
Original Cartridge Version
D64 Version w/trainer+4 by Laxity