Pickles Pod Patrol

Pickle’s Pod Patrol is a game I wrote for the Commodore 64 computer.

It was written in 100% 6510/6502 assembly language. Assembly was done with the excellent Kick Assembler by Mads Nielsen.

It’s a simple platform style game, here is the description as published:
Pickle is in a pickle! Rescue all the podlets on each level by pushing them toward home. Avoid the creatures or send them flying with a spitball.

Pickle’s Pod Patrol was released as an entry in the C64 16KB Cartridge Game Development Competition. Check out all the great releases at www.rgcd.co.uk.

Check out a short video of the gameplay:

Code: CSixx/Mayday!
Gfx & Snd: Saul Cross

Download Pickle’s Pod Patrol here:
Original Cartridge Version
D64 Version w/trainer+4 by Laxity