Boat Building

Let me preface this page by saying I am not a skilled woodworker, this will be a learning process for sure!

My plan is to build a 13 foot wooden runabout style boat. I’ll be building a Glen-L designed boat called the Tuffy. You can have a look at the Glen-L page here:

First up is the boat building form. (a platform on which the boat is constructed).

Then it’s time to start working on the frames. The frames are built from oak with plywood gussets and secured with epoxy glue and bronze ring-shank nails.

Frame #1 complete and hung.

Frame #3 complete and hung.

The clean-up crew arrives 🙂

Building frame #2, along with gluing the stem pieces together:

Boat frames completed and resting on the form.

Stem resting in position, awaiting another weekend 🙂

Work is paused for the winter but will resume whenever the sun does 😉